Dear All,

I am using Nav 2009. My problem is when i am working with NAV some times an error happends and ask me to restart. The error message is " You can not use the file C:/Users/ because its already in use " …

I tried a lot to solve the issue but i can’t !!! Any body can help me to solve this issue ??? Thanks in advance



this is because you are probably using KAV or KIS 2010.

disable them (or any antivirus/internet security software) you have and it should work.

for sure this is a TEMP solution until some fix patch or something is released for this issue.

and if any one here knows another solution for this please post it.


Thak You very much , your advise is helps me verymuch .[:D]

there is more “Realistic” solution .

from the settings of KAV or KIS exclude NAV from being monitored (Application Activity, child activation activity)

for sure this is way better than disable the antivirus