Error in Item Journal

Dear all, May I know somebody have faced the sames problems? If yes, do you have any idea on how to solve it. Current Version 3.70 I have increased the length of item description to 80 chrs in item (table 27) and also modified the description length in table 83 item jounral line. But I got a error message from system : “Overflow under type conversion of text to text” Value:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(description) I’m not too sure, is the problem source from the lenght or others. Thanks, Simon

You had better use the debugger to check the source. But it is recommended not to increase the lenght of the fields in master data. If so, you should increas its length not only in table 83 item journal, but also item ledger entry, posted shipment/purch. line… so many so many table/report… It is a big workload.

Hi, This is probably due to the Global Variable “ItemDescription” in the Item Journal Form (Form 40) which is only 50 characters & displays the Item description on the form in the bottom left hand side of the form above the “Line” button. You will have to expand this on all the item journal forms. If you do not have an application builder or solution developer licence you will not be able to access the globals on forms. There will be loads of other instances within functions on tables, related fields, flowfields, reports, forms, and codeunits throughout the system that will come back to haunt you. I agree with P H, you have probably tried to solve a small problem & created a big one for yourself. If you decide to continue with the expanded fields you will probably be fixing instances of this for years to come[B)]. Most users prefer to use the “Description 2” field on the item table on the card and live with just the Description on Item Journals.

A possible tool to find most of the places where item description is used: Navision Developer’s Toolkit. But you have to have some training to use it. And you must have a license file that allows you to work with it. Basically you have to be within the Solution Center channel.


Most users prefer to use the “Description 2” field on the item table on the card and live with just the Description on Item Journals.

This is really the way to go. Sometimes we need to see the description 2 so on the Item Journal Line table OnValidate: Item No There’s a section that has… GetItem; Item.TESTFIELD(Blocked,FALSE); Description := Item.Description; etc… We added “Description 2” := Item.“Description 2”; so we can see that too.