Error in installing Data Import Export Framework


I have Windows Server 2008R2 and SQL Server 2008R2. I want to install Data Import Export Framework for Dynamics AX 2012R2 installation.

When I am running Setup to install Data Import / Export Framework (Import Export Framework Service) for Dynamics AX I am having below error.

When I continue, it asks for ID and Password then on pressing next it again gives above error and on pressing continue again it then hangs.

I have framework 4.5 installed on this server.

Any Idea what could be the reason for this error.


Akhwand Usman

Just uninstalled .Net Framework 4.5 and installed Framework 4.0. Then installed Windows SDK for Windows 7 and Framework 4.0. And Then again installed Framework 4.5.

This all look like a useless activity but seems like resolved that error.


Akhwand USman

This issue is resolved by following below steps:

1- uninstall VS C++ redistributable (…/de)

2- Install Framework 4.0 with Windows SDK 7

3- Install VS C++ redistributable again

4- Run check list again



Akhwand Usman