error in installation ax 2009 ?

installed Windows server 2003 SP2 standard edition in virtual box

created domain by adding vrtual microsft loopback adapter

After that as Administrator logged into the server system and installed sql server 2008 R2 standard edition

But when i tried to install AX it’s telling that connecting to sql server…

InvalidOperationException occurred with " executeNonQuery requires and open and available connection" message.

But sql server alreday started and i am able to login to Management studio.

I installed sql server’s almost all features including full text search which needs domain user and password.

But before installing it was showing all passed except one warning and that was “you are installing SQL server 2008 R2 in domain which is not recommended”.But i clicked ok and even SQL server got installed successfully.

I installed SQL server 2008 R2 because i need to have exact replica of prod in my local system and in prod DB is in 2008 R2 which can not be restored in sql server 2005 otherwise i could have installed 2005 only.

Anyway what could be the reason ?

Hi Satya,

The installation will be smooth as far as I know. I hope you are using the same authentication level in both SQL and AX server. For example: Windows authentication.

Few of the forums shows that the issue could be due to .Net framework. Make sure that you have the pre-requisites as suggested for AX2009.

Hi Kiran,

Thanks for your post .Should AX and SQL have different authentication?

For my case i selected windows for SQL and for Ax NTAUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE.

I selected NTAUTHORITY\SYSTEM for all sql services like sql agent etc etc except Full Text search because domain credential is mandatory for Full text search.

I don’t know even this full text search is required or not.

I just want SQL 2008 R2 to be installed with management studio so that i can restore PROD DB to my local.

No, they need to have the same authentication. What you selected is correct.

There will be a point in wizard where you specify the authentication level in SQL, you should accept the default settings there.

I am not sure about full text search requirement for this. I have done AX2009 installation with SQL server 2008 R2 but never did face any such issue. I believe you are using the default .Net 3.5 framework which comes with your OS built-in feature.