Error in importing vendor account


Can any one help me to solve this problem. I am importing vendor account from excel to ax 2009. I have used the template wizard of ax 2009. I already set the number sequence in the address book id and vendor account in parameter and but the continuous nor the manual field is not selected.

After the import process this message in info log appeared "Cannot create a record in vendors (vendtable). Vendor account already exist". But there is really no record in the vendor details.

Thank you in advance.

hope this helps:


This issue was reported here before. In that case, for some reason the ‘PartyId’ field was duplicating. Please check this field; if necessary alter the number sequence and give it a go again.

hi heylin,

thanks for giving the site but I already did the steps given, still the same error appears.

Also check the obvious - the data has to have a unique vendor reference, check there are no duplicates in the data.

hi harish,

May I ask if Party ID has something to do with the codes?


I believe in your case ‘PartyId’ must be getting duplicated. This is generated from number sequence defined in GAB (Global address book) under Basic > Setup > GAB. This is the reason I suggested resetting this number sequence.

Also have you tried to create vendor manually?

hi harish,

When I created employee details i used the global address id. Does the global id used in employee defers from the global id in vendor details and in customer detail? Sorry I am just newbie in Ax 2009, I am still confuse. Thank you very much for the help.

Hi harish,

I already try to create vendor manually, and there is no problem, but I still want to know the reason why that error appear. thanks.