Error in generating standard report

Hello, I was asked to generate sample dynamics ax 4.0 report for requested modules. However, I encounter a few problems in some of the reports. The following are the problems that I encounter in generating the reports:

Inventory management → Reports → On-hand → critical on-hand inventory - Error: Unable to run InventSumCritical due to access restriction in table ReqItemTable.

Inventory management → Reports-> Bill of materials → Lines - Error: Cannot select a record in Inventory dimensions (InventDim). Dimension No.: The SQL database has issued an error

Project → Reports → Estimate → Estimate list- Warning: Estimate date is found in period table

Does anyone know how to solve the problem above?

Thank you

Thank you Khue Trinh for your help. Somehow I manage to solve the SQL issue problem on the InventDim table. But there still exist errors in 2 or 3 reports. I am still confuse on how to solve the access restriction issues. Where and how can i configure the restriction in dynamics Ax? Other unsolve errors are Error executing code: Division by zero and Illegal date interval. How can i solve this? I didn’t make any changes to the existing data and yet I have this error. Is it a bug in dynamics Ax?

Thank you



Hi Mandy,

You can change the AX security setting by:

Error1: Go to Administration/Set up/User Group and click Permission Button.

Error2: Please refer to my previous post… i think you enter wrong parameter when running the report.