Error in File DMEMSTREAM

Has anyone seen this error before when logging in on a SQL7 server with the finsql.exe version 2.60F??? According to Navision it must have something to do with having attempted to open the database with the 3.01 client, but if that was the fact I should be able to open the database with that version and even that is not possible. If I don’t solve the problem before monday morning I will have to restore the backup tape and a lot of people wont like me for some time. Please help!!!

Thats right. The chartable field in your [$ndo$dbproperty] table has been modified by a version later than 2.60F (therefore an Attain version) and now the 2.60F client cannot read the binary data for that field. You can re-construct the data for that field as follows: 1. Using your 2.60F Financials client, create a new (empty) database on the same server called ‘abc’ (without quotes). 2. Open the Query Analyzer SQL Server tool. Connect to the server and select the database you want to open - the bad database - as the current database. 3. Execute the following SQL statement: UPDATE [$ndo$dbproperty] SET [databaseversionno] = (SELECT [databaseversionno] FROM abc.dbo.[$ndo$dbproperty]), [chartable] = (SELECT CAST([chartable] AS VARBINARY(8000)) FROM abc.dbo.[$ndo$dbproperty]) 5. Now try to open the database with your 2.60F client. 6. You can delete the abc database.