Error in Credir memo posting

When I try to post the credit memo in Nav 4, the system shows the error, "You must not specify Applies-to-Doc. No. in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=",Journal Batch Name=",Line No.='0’

am not able to post the said credit memo. This type of problem never happened earliar.

Pl. guide…


Difficult to say without seeing it but is there anything in the applies-to-doc field? Are you trying to apply a credit memo to an invoice? If you are it maybe that the invoice has been paid. Is there a filter applied to the screen? Remove this and delete all the lines and re-enter them. Failing that have you had any modifications in this area? What version are you on?

Just check out when you did a credit memo, you would have brought in the data from copy documents. Check whether you brought in from the “posted invoice” or “invoice”. It is possible that sometimes if you had taken the invoice, the system is not able to relate as it is posted. So you have to take the posted invoice.