Error in Creating Report

I am trying to create one Report using Table 83 Item Journal Line but When I specify the Table id and click on Next/Create a blank Report, It gives me error saying - The source exceeds the size of database buffer. The table is blank and this is working with other tables.

Hi Mukesh, I think you are working in Navision 3.60. This was a bug in Navision 3.60. The workaround with that is do not put the table name in the wizard while creating the Blank Report, and later put the table 83 as a dataitem. (other words do not use wizard for this table or if you really have to then use different table similar to Item journal line and later change the table name :)) Sorry, But you have to live with that, until you upgrade to higher version. Naveen Jain

Hi Naveen, Thanks for the help but this problem is coming with only table 83. For other tables it working ok. I faced this problem just a few days back otherwise this was working fine with 83 as well.This error is coming in version 3.7. I am getting the same problem using a dataport. This time it gives me the error while importing the data on a particular line and these error are coming in 3.7 only. Waiting for ur reply, Mukesh Verma

I tested with v3.7A and it works fine. Did you created many Fields/flow fields in Item journal line table? Which version you are running? Naveen Jain

Hi Naveen, Right now I am not in the office. I will have to see the table for more info. But my doubt is why the error in coming while using dataport. The dataport is using some other table. Thanks and regards, Mukesh Verma

I am using v 3.7