Error in Collation settings for Arabic computer

Hi, In one of our client base, Navision installed in SQL database with a 5 user licenses. All the machines connected to the server are all having windows 98 SE(English) and two users alone in Windows 98 SE(Arabic). When we logon from this machine to navision, we get the following message. "One of the system ANSI(1256) /OEM(720) code page on your computer doesnot match the 1252 code page of the SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_C1_AS collation for NAVISION database. You must ensure that regional options of the computer uses the correct system language /locale inorder for the code pages to match. You can avoid this checking by disabling the ’ validate code page’ setting in the alter database window . contact system manager " We have set the regional settings of that machines to English(United states), even then getting the same error. This machine will be used for data entry in navision, so i don’t think i can uncheck the ‘validate code page’ in alter database window. Can some one help me, how i can resolve this issue. Thanks & Regards

You need to change the System regional setting in Control Panel - not the User regional setting. Search this forum for ‘code page SQL’ or similar to see many posts about this.