error: financial dimension vs unit on the item


i create an item with inventory model group ‘standardcost’ and an active costprice.

Units for purchase, sell and inventory are the same, for example ‘pieces’.

When i want to fill in the business unit ‘MM’ in the fasttab ‘Financial dimensions’ (this is another unit than the units for purchase, sell and inventory), the system gives an error:

Financial dimension of type ‘Unit’ MM s different form unit ‘Pieces’ specified on ‘item x’…

Can someone explain above situation?

Thanks a lot!



If I’m not wrong, your Item have Unit as Pieces at Item master level and when you want to enter it in other Unit MM, its giving error. I’m I right ?

You need to do “Unit conversion” to fulfill this. Which version of AX your using? (AX 2009 or 2012).

In AX 2009 - Basis > Setup > Units > Unit conversion (OR)

In AX 2012 - Organization Administration > Setup > Units > Units > Select the Unit and click on Unit conversion and create new …

For ex: 1 Piece = 1 MM

I hope this is what your looking at.


No, it’s something else.

(I use AX 2012)

I have a release product with purchase, sell and inventory unit = ‘Pieces’.

My business unit is MM and this unit isn’t shown in the unit-table so no conversions can be made. I think so because ‘Business unit’ is a financiel dimension.

So i don’t understand why there is a link between business unit and the other units.


Financial dimension is differ from units. its no way related to units.

Ex: Financial dimensions will be used for different purposes like sharing expenses to different dept.

indeed, that’s what i think also…but why gives the system the above error???

There is probably a modification involved. Can you get a developer to debug it?