Error: fin.fmt already exists.

One of our customers gets the following error when they connect to the database (Financials 2.50): Fin.FMT already exists. It is not possible for the customer to work in Navision. Does anybody know what’s the problem?

Are you sure it is fin.fmt rather than fin.hmt?

Indeed. You’re right. It’s Fin.HMT What’s the problem with this error?

It is usually caused by a difference between the date,time or timezone on the server and the PC. Check that the settings are the same on each. More information is available on previous postings I think.

If it is a problem between the time on the client and server (I have never come across this) then issue the comand “net time //servername /set” from a command prompt to syncronise the client to the server. Time zones are not normally a problem with Navision. Paul Baxter

Hi, we had the same problem on one computer this morning. We replaced the fin.hmt on the client with the server version. Here is a helpful thread: bye Andre