Error executing code: SysFlushAOD object does not have method 'doFlush'

In my app, which utilizes the AX .NET Business connector as I’m still in development I call the doFlushmethod when I instantiate a new connection to AX like so, this just ensures that any new methods or updated methods I have created in AX are called and work as intended:

public AXConnector()
    // 2713 port uses play
    Axapta.LogonAs("myProxy", "myDomain", myNetworkCredentials, "myCompany", "en-gb", "myAXServer:2713", "");

    // flush connector cache, for development only
    Axapta.CallStaticClassMethod("SysFlushAOD", "doFlush");

This class implements IDisposable so I call the Axapta.LogOff() method in the Dispose() method like so:

public void Dispose()

Then I wrap this around my other methods to AX by using a using like so:

using(var ax = new AXConnector())
    // my other AX code, CallStaticClassMethod etc...

Sometimes I noticed I was receiving an exception or my code wouldn’t work as intended, so I’ve wrapped it with a try/catch block and I get this error:

Error executing code: SysFlushAOD object does not have method 'doFlush'.


After looking at MSDN:

I cant see what I’m doing wrong? The only way I’m able to fix this is by recycling the App Pool of this app on IIS.

Hello Callum Vass,

try this

using (var ax = new Microsoft.Dynamics.BusinessConnectorNet.Axapta())


ax.Logon("", “”, “”, “”);

ax.CallStaticClassMethod(“SysFlushAOD”, “doFlush”);



Best regards from Poland

Michał Dol