Error executing code: FormRun (data source) has no valid runable code in method 'paymentJournalClicked'.

Hello Everyone,

while calculating EOS for the emoloyee I am getting error like

" Error executing code: FormRun (data source) has no valid runable code in method ‘paymentJournalClicked’."

(C)\Classes\FormButtonControl\Clicked - line 5
(C)\Classes\FormMenuButtonControl\Clicked - line 4

the same line of code works properly in Test environment and I am able to calulate and poset payment journal.

Kindly help me to resolve the issue

Try recompiling PAYFSettlement form. Maybe it will fix the problem, or it’ll show a compilation error that must be fixed.

Note that you said it works in Test, but not anything about the environment where it doesn’t work. If it’s a development environment, there may be work in progress or something. If it’s production, you seem to have a problem with procedures for deploying code, because you shouldn’t ever get into this situation if it’s done properly.

Hello Mr.Drab,

Thanks for your response,I tried compiling PAYFSettlemet form it gives me below error

the argument is

PAYFSettlements settlements = New PAYFSettlements(PAYFSettlement.SettlementId);

for the above line of code it gives the error.

when I compile the same line in Test it won’t give any error

void reverseSettlementCalculation()
PAYFSettlements settlements = New PAYFSettlements(PAYFSettlement.SettlementId); // Error coming for this line
settlements.processSettlementAction(false, true, false, false, true);



Open PAYFSettlements and check how many parameters its constructor (new()) expects.

By the way, it’s a different error. The original error is in paymentJournalClicked(), while you’re showing one in reverseSettlementCalculation().

PaymentJournalClicked() and ReverseSettlementCalcuation both belong to same form PAYFsettlement but different button action

void new(PAYFSettlementId _settlementId)

emplTable = settlement.emplTable();
emplData = PAYFEmplData::construct(emplTable.EmplId);



It looks correct, therefore try recompiling PAYFSettlements and if it succeeds, recompile PAYFSettlement form once more.

Mr.Martin you mean to say first I compile PAYFsettlement Class and then form.when doing so it is giving the same error.

According to your code snippet above, the class is PAYFSettlements and not PAYFsettlement. Does it compile without errors?

Do you have a license for X++ development (not just MorphX development)?

when compiling PAYFSettlements class below error coming

You’ll have to fix these error first. I think you should speak to your development team; maybe somebody is working on something in this area

I also suggest that you compile the whole AOT; you clearly don’t know how many things are broken in your application.