Error enabling a new user

I have setup a new user but when I try to enable the user I get an error saying “Duplicate Alias and Network domain for the user.”. There is not another account with the same Alias and we only have one network domain. I have tried deleting the user and re-creating it but get the same error. I have looked thru the UserInfo table to see if there is another record with the same Alias that was perhaps hidden from the screen for some reason but there is nothing, only the single user I had just created. Anyone have any ideas?

Have you also tried importing the user from Active directory? Which version of AX are you using by the way?

That did work, thanks. I have used the Import function in AX 2012 but had always set users up manually in AX 2009, which is the version I had the problem with. The question still remains in my mind as to what the problem was when doing it manually but I will learn to let that go since the issue is now corrected. Thanks for the advice.