ERROR during ship transfer order.

Hi experts,

good day! Error Message “No record found in the Item/version price per cost group table. Transfer a cost price for this item” in ITF 12801 in the Test environment. This error happens when doing the ship transfer order.

Appreciate if you could resolve this urgently and also provide me the reason for this error message.

Thank you!


Item seems to be a standard cost item, so you need to define the cost price of that item for the specific site.

Items(AX2009) or Released products(AX2012)-> click Price button

In Pending prices tab, select price type as “cost price”, select version, site and specify the price. After you save the record, activate the record. Then you will be able to ship your transfer order.

Hi Santosh,

Thanks on your prompt reply. Perhaps, I already defined the cost price to the item in the same manner as you said above.

Yet, im not able to post the ITF. can you tel me why this is happening?

is there any other reason for this error?

Thank you very much for you help guys :slight_smile:

You should make sure that in the “active prices” tab a record exists with

same item, configuration,size,color and the site.(The site that is linked with your from warehouse in transfer order).

Hi Santosh,

Noted! will look into this and feedback you soon [:)]

Thank you very much for your explanations…

Much appreciated!

Hi Santosh,

I tried as you mentioned above, yet it’s not giving me the solution. I’m still getting the same error message even the ‘active price’ been assigned to the BOM and site accurately.

That error is because of using a standard cost item (In Inventory Model Group for the item, n selected the costing model to be Std.Cost)

Therefore, do I need to set up the std.cost (price) for this item.How to set up the standard cost price?

and how to set posting accounts, the rounding variance account and others.please advise. tq!

Yeah Shantiya, the error is because you used standard cost model group.

and the specifying the standard cost price for item is from the Item prices form(Items(AX2009) or Released products(AX2012)-> click Price button).

Can yo post the screen shot of your item prices form.


I have resolved this issue, found that the Transit warehouse was not having the price in active price version. it is either to create a price for this Site or just change the Transit warehouse to which Site already has the active price in Prices Form for that item.

Thanks much on your feedback :slight_smile: