Error during Posting any Event in Navision 3.7


The following Message Came when we are posting different events in Navision 3.7 like

  1. Posting general journal entry

  2. Posting the Sale-invoice…etc


‘the C/AL Object was not saved in compiled form. compile it from the object designer and run it again’

for that we compiled all the c/al objects (forms,tables,codeunits…etc).

if there is any soultions for it please help me.


0068.error.doc (78.5 KB)

The quickest way, open your Object Designer, select All. See there is a column ‘Compiled’ and the content should be [Checked]. Find all lines that are not checked in column ‘Compiled’.

You can also filter all lines that are not checked in column ‘Compiled’. Do the compiling by clicking the line, then go to Tools - Compile. or F11.

Good luck

Thank You,

i found the code-units which are not compiled.

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