error during intercompany set up of chart of accounts


I encountered this error while mapping the chart of accounts in intercompany set up.

Financial Mgt > Setup > Intercompany postings > Chart of Accounts > Functions button > copy from chart of accounts then this error appeared.

"the value of UPDATEINDENT parameter 1 is outside of the permitted range.

the current value is: -220. the permitted range is: from 0 to 2147483647"

Hope you could assist me on how to fix it. I’m a beginner and dont have idea why this error pop up.

thanks in advance

I’ve had the same problem before, How I got rid of the error message was go to the Dimension Value table, there is a field called [Indentation] if there is any value less than 0, for example the old issue of mine was -1, that would throw the error message.

thanks for your time in dropping by. I will try to look into this on Monday at my workstation. i’ll keep you posted. God bless

Hi thanks for giving me an idea. what i did was to update the table in the IC Chart of Accounts using Microsoft SQL. Here’s the command I did, hope this would also help others when they encountered same error.

update “title” set Indentation = 0 where Indentation = -1