Error during Exporting of report into excel.


I’m trying one of my report into excel.i declared automation variable in C/AL global.After printing few lines, uknown error is thrown.

The Error Message is

{ This message for C/AL programmers.

An exception was raised in method value. The OLE or automation server has returned error (HRRESULT) - 2147352567).

The component didnot provide the exception description. }

Would anybody guess why t is happening.



Navision Upgardation Team

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Have you tried running the debugger to find out what your report is doing just before the error occurs?!?

More information would be helpful please?

This is Ms Excell Problem.Try Reinstall Ms-Office


As specified earlier this error is mainly triggered from Excel only. The possiblities are;

You might have selected any cell )r you might have clicked on the Formulae bar.

The Library you chosen might not be supported by the excel you are using. But this is not possible in this case. Since you specified that, the report has been generated partially.

One more possibility for this error is,

The value which you are trying to push, So better convert all the values to text and then print it in excel.