Error dimension code mandatory for system generated entries.

When i am trying to post a transfer order (Receive) getting error,

Select a dimension value for the dimension code BRANCH.

When debugged issue found was that it is posting Unrealized Gain/Loss in Inv. Transfer which is a system generated entry.

I had set up account type default code mandatory for table id 15 (G/L Account) for dimension branch.

What might be the issue, is it related to setup or its an bug.

When i posted transfer order as ship there was no error.

Using NAV 2013 R2 IN Build 36310


Not a bug as such more reflecting your current configuration. 2 choices - remove code mandatory on unrealised exchange gains / losses GL code or set the branch dimension to a same code rather than code mandatory (or even populate code manatory with a branch value).

Hope this helps.


I had not set branch code mandatory for any specific account.

I had set this setup in dimension → account type default → table id 15 and code mandatory.