Error : Commerce.AuthManager.1

Hello, My platform is (only W1) : W2K SRV SP3 + IE6 SQL 2000 SP2 CS SP2 Attain 3.60 FR (C/Side version) + hotfix9 + Cronus FR Database (not W1) I just can’t resolve this error : Commerce.AuthManager.1 (0x800A0CC1) AuthManager(CommerceServer): SiteConfig:Property ‘s_SecureHostname’ , not found in Admin Database, for MS-Commerce-Site ‘CommercePortal’ . /CommercePortal/global.asa, line 77 UnPup is Ok, Synchro is Ok (all COMMERCE_table), BizDesk is running and I check with CRK common errors… but the error is still there [:(!]. Any idea ?

If it can help somebody, I found this :;EN-US;Q295544