Error code 4 in module 19

Hello. I keep getting error code 4 in module 19 which is named Version_dissapiered and I have no idea what that means or why it happens. Can anybody please help me? Andrej Renko

Hi, while Financials keeps different "versions of the database (a snapshot for each user of its modified but not comitted tables) the database might run out of space. I would guess that, to free database space, the client or server removed the oldest version not comitted. This shouldnt be a real problem although at least one of the users should have to make it’s last changes again (the one who`s version was deleted). Try a database check from the command-line to see whether the database itself is OK now: fin.exe database=yourdatabase.fdb,dbtest=max or you can try to use the switch dbreadonly=yes to try to open the database in read-only mode, make a backup and build a new database file. Bye, Torsten