Error Close and Adjustment

Hi all, I have Close and Adjustment inventory when I click button OK , i have error message : - Cannot edit a record in Inventory transaction(InventTrans). Cannot call NEXT, update(), or delete() on buffer where data is selected or inserted in another transactionscope. -\Classes\xRecord\update \Data dictionary\Tables\InventTrans\Methods\update - line 43 \Classes\InventCostItemDim\updateInventTrans - line 3 \Classes\InventCostItemDim\updateModelFIFO - line 41 \Classes\InventCostItemDim\updateModel - line 6 … -Calls to NEXT , update(), or delete() must be performed on the buffer on the selection transaction level, or within the same transaction (TTS) scope (RecId is 9756777), (W-0113) When i use company 2 (i create new company and set new data with entry data) then i haven’t message error but i use company1 (Company use data demo) i have message error. Pls , Help me about message error because i don’t know why it have message error.