Error AX 2009 Installation with Windows XP

Hi, I am consultant for Axapta and now still implementing Axapta 2009 for Finance and TL on Indonesia’s government company.

Now, i am facing unique problem which is Axapta could not installed properly on user’s PC that use Win XP Operating System then i’d try to instal on same domain PC but used Win7 Operating System, and it’s done well.

Me and my team still try to find out why this things could happen, because we’re all know that Axapta was proper with Win XP. Until we find some case, we try to format those Win XP PC and after that instal Axapta, then the installation Process was finish succesfull.

I don’t know, why the process must be success when we instal the PC first? what’s wrong with this case? Because it is impossible to Format all user’s PC in a company client, that’s not good decision.

Please help me with this problem, and share your experience about this case.

Thank you for highly appreciation.

Tifa // Indonesia

In the computer with XP, check the installation requirements list that you can find in the Axapta installation guide. Maybe they are an update or an addon with XP but are installed by default in win 7

Please check the system requirement in axapta client. it must me XP professional SP3 or above.

maybe you can specify the error…