Error at the time of Splitting of Fixed Assets


During posting of after splitting Value Model of fixed assets we get problem as follows and voucher remain unposted

"Number of vouchers posted to the journal: 1

Item number: I009049

Financial item picking

   Configuration=Raud,Site=Site1,Warehouse=Site1warehouse,Bin Loc.=0091

Item consumption for 40.00 cannot be updated because the cost price is known only for 0.00 in stock.

Update has been canceled."

I believe the same issue has been faced by some users of our group. I am wondering, what is the possible reason of this?


Generally this problem occurs when the inventory is update physically but not financially.

I got the same problem - let us take the example of production process - the picking list will posted due to the availability of physical stock - and when trying to End the production the system will through this kind of error.(Means some of the transactions of the raw materials used in the production process are not financially updated (or) use negative financial inventory to avoid it.

I hope the same thing happened in your case.

i think may be of financial negative inventory check box on inventory model group or may be of cost price uptation

Dear All,

To certain extent your point is correct. Actually it needs Financial Negative Inventory ticked in Inventory Model group or Item as a service item. But I don’t know why. Because splitting of fixed assets post following two entries

  1. First Entry

Fixed Assets------Dr

Inventory Issue

  1. 2nd Entry

Fixed Asstets -----Dr

Fixed Assets

I need to know why it is posting First Entry. Because it is not required entry at all. Is it a bug?? or there is Set Up problem in our side?? Or there is a functional Logic???

Thanks in anticipation.