Error at the time of purchase invoice Posting "Function VendInvoiceTableToLineUpdate ::convertPurchTableFieldToVendInvoice has been used incorrectly."

Hi All,

In Ax2012, at the time of Purchase Order Invoice Posting i am getting the error “Function VendInvoiceTableToLineUpdate::convertPurchTableFieldToVendInvoice has been used incorrectly.” I think some refresh problem is there.

I am not clear what mistake i am doing so this error, and i am not aware that how to resolve this.

Please help me if you are able.

Thanks & Regards

Vijay Raj Nath

This error is thrown if an unsupported field ID is passed to convertPurchTableFieldToVendInvoice(). Debug the code to see which field it is and what code tries to use it.

Thanks a lot Martin for your co-ordination.

I have get it resolved. I have developed some customization for updating the Item Sales Tax Group from Header to Line. in that i have some small mistake that not code in the class “VendInvoiceTableToLineUpdate” for that Header to line update, that’s why the error.

Now it resolved. Thanks!


Vijay Raj Nath

FYI, we got this error after I’ve set the ProjID as an updatable field from purchTable to purchLine (HeaderToLineUpdate fields group). The method is called with fieldID = 65 (projID) which is not supported. So, I just added it in the method.