error at read in rule 141, fragment3 06/13/13 for field 4 posting date field type of date proplem

Hi guys i have problem when i make import to data to dynamic nav 2009 it give this error

8103.133.bmp (2.25 MB)

this error give to me when we import the data by data wizard program

why this error happened and how i solve this problem

Check if its related to Date format in the file you are importing.

Your error tells date as 06/13/13 & your work date shows 25-09-13.

0027.5555.bmp (2.25 MB)

thanks for reply

from database i export date in formate month-day-year

to database i import date in formate day-month-year

how i solve the proplem or how to make date in two database in same formate


You need to make sure that the field holding the data (ValueText) is converted into a string in the proper format before assigning it. You can use copystr for that.

Although the code looks ok. It should never give the error, not even if the format is wrong. If it is wrong, then it should not evaluate and a runtime error never be given. But which version of NAV is this? 2009?

Thanks for reply

how i use copystr function to avoid difference between date format if possible

If you need to converte a string in the formate month-day-year (eg. 09/30/13) to a string in the format day-month-year (30-09-13) you can do this:

NewDateStr := COPYSTR(OldDate,4,2)+'-'´+COPYSTR(OldDate,1,2)+'-'+COPYSTR(OldDate,7,2);

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