Error after renumbering

Hi, everybody! Help me, please! What’s the problem? I imported the Compare/Renumbering Tool and ran this standard renumbering routine. After renumbering was complete I imported text file with renumbered objects (as usually), compiled all modified objects, closed database and… haven’t seen it since :frowning: The error I see when trying to open the DB is “TableData 2000000001 does not exist!”. That’s all! Database doesn’t open. This is MS SQL Server database. Unfortunately there are no latest backups. When I open MS SQL Server Enterprise Manager I can easily see this database, all its objects and even Object table (2000000001) where I can see all objects including those renumbered. Everything seems to be correct, but database doesn’t open :frowning: What’s wrong?.. Thank you.

First thing… whenever you’re doing a major modification to the database… keep a backup. The tabledata 2000000001 is the Object one. As long as you cannot open the DB the only idea i can figure out (as you’re working on SQL is creating a new database in SQL and try copying all the data externally to navision to that other SQL database. Hopefully you’ll be lucky… but i’ven’t ever tried. Good luck.