Error after moving report from Attain 3.10 to 3.01

After I exported object from Attain 3.10 to 3.01 I can’t compile/save it in 3.01 with Latvian language turned on. If I switch to English everything is fine, I can edit and save the report but in Latvian language it brings up the error message like this (translated from Latvian): // String Compile %1 - trigger %2 is too small to insert %# fields in it. This error message was generated because: No.: 1 Value: Report // Number and Name is number and name of the report i’m trying to save. Has anybody had situation like this? Arthur MBS Navision Developer

Hi Athur In the header of each object you find some data which you have to translate manually (e.g. in german Versionsliste = Version list see below). Export your object as text file, open the file with an editor and change the data manuell. Example Versions Liste=DAN001; German Version List=DAN001; English Hope this helps. bye Andre

Didn’t get it? What should I change in that txt?

Hi Athur The best way to find the differences between both languages is to export a report as a txt - file in both Navision - versions (in your case English /Latvian). Then compare the OBJECT-PROPERTIES section. Below you find a German example: OBJECT-PROPERTIES { **Datum**=08.06.01; **Zeit**=12:00:00; **Versions Liste**=NAVW13.00; } To import this object into a English database I have to translate the German words in English: OBJECT-PROPERTIES { **Date**=08.06.01; **Time**=12:00:00; **Version List**=NAVW13.00; } I guess you have to translate this section in your report from English to Latvian. bye André