Error about fin.smt when login Navision

Dear all,

I am using remote desktop to login Navision. The user account is a local account of the server PC as power users. But I got one strange error that telling me “The operating system cannot gain access to the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\Client\ENU\fin.smt. Please check that the file type and attributes are correct.” But I have already checked that the user has already assigned the full permission to the Navision client folder. Why there is still a permission problem? Any solution except grant the user administrator rights? I tried, this problem only occured for Nav 4.0, but not in Nav 4.0 SP1 and Nav Sp2. Is it a bug of Nav 4.0?


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Seems to be a bug of some sort.

I have had some workstations/user roaming profiles set up with no problem and others where I have to go in and change the permissions.

Not got to the bottom of it yet but if you delete the existing user and use the generic Everyone it seems to fix it.

Rgds, Colin

There is bug in installer for 4.00. The installer set incorrectly file permissions on some files. Check this file - there is the permission inheritance disabled. You need to reenable the inheritance on all files.

try to reinstall it…