Error 9 in Module 50

Hi All, Wie have the above error in one database during creating a backup (.fbk). The Problem is one record in Table 27 Item. When we delete this record, the backup works fine. What i want to know is, what could be the problem with this record??? Thanks in advance. Regards, Frank

You can have a list of know Navisions errors on this link:, but since the link is not working, let me copy the errors we know in module 50: 50-1 #Err_Bcd_DivZero (Module_BCD,1) 50-10 #Err_BCD_MantisseNotZero (Module_BCD,10) 50-11 #Err_BCD_SlackNotZero (Module_BCD,11) 50-2 #Err_Bcd_Overflow (Module_BCD,2) 50-3 #Err_Bcd_BadArg (Module_BCD,3) 50-4 #Err_Bcd_ExpQual (Module_BCD,4) 50-5 #Err_Bcd_TooBig (Module_BCD,5) 50-6 #Err_Bcd_PowerUndefined (Module_BCD,6) 50-7 #Err_Bcd_LossOfDigits (Module_BCD,7) 50-8 #Err_BCD_Ill (Module_BCD,8) 50-9 #Err_BCD_NoMantisse (Module_BCD,9) It seems that the error would be caused by a decimal value. If you search the forum, you’ll find other people who had the same kind of problem before.

Hi David, Thanks for your answer. I will have a look at it. Greetings, Frank

David, Thanks for posting the link to I have now downloaded the XL file so the link is working agin. This is so useful when investigating user reported faults.