Error 9 in module 24

Hello I am using Navision Localization workbench 2.0.0 and I try to translate existing database into another language. After some changes using this tool I got translated file, but when I try to import it back to Navision Attain an error message “Error 9 in module 24” appears. Can anybody help me with this problem ? Thanks in advance

I got this error once, but I cannot remember, exactly what the problem was. Fortunately I do remember how I solved it. I recall something about one of the texts being either too long or duplicated. What I did to solve it was to divide the file into smaller parts, each containing groups of translated objects. For example all tables, all, reports etc. Then I imported each of the files separately, and I would end up with only one that gave the error. Then I would divide that file into smaller parts again, for example 50 objects in each file. Repeat the import, and you will have one file which gives the error. Then divide again :wink: In the end you will have identified the object which gives the error. And when you know that, look closely at the translated lines. When I had the object identified, then it was quite easy to see what the problem was, and change the translation directly in the text file. Not a pretty solution, but it works :slight_smile: