Error 50005 in module 93

Hi I’m getting error 50005 in module 93 from some pages in User Portal 2.60. Does anyone have information about this error? Toni

Hallo Toni, please look at br Josef Metz


Error nnn in Module 93 // Resource/program ERR_ERRORSTATUS = NDBCS_Error(50001); ERR_HENVALLOC = NDBCS_Error(50002); ERR_DRIVERMGRERROR = NDBCS_Error(50003); ERR_DRIVERMGRSTATE = NDBCS_Error(50004); ERR_DRIVERMGRERRORSTATE = NDBCS_Error(50005); ERR_NATIVEERROR = NDBCS_Error(50006); ERR_NATIVEERRORONTABLE = NDBCS_Error(50007);

Yes, I found that, but what does it mean? Toni

This error code is used for all errors comming either from ODBC or SQL Server, but you get a proper substituted error message from the .etx file. Since you’re getting an ‘Internal Error’, Navision cannot find this in the .etx file for some reason, so you will not know what the actual error is.