error 4 in module 42

Does anyone have, or know where to find, a list of the internal error messages Navision chucks up. I’m sure I’ve seen one somewhere but, of course, now I need it … Need to find out what error 4 in module 42 might mean in terms of not letting you exit a form. TIA anyone. ---------------------------------------------- Moved from “NF - Technical Forum” by moderator Edited by - rmotzer on 2001 Mar 29 00:37:04

I hope this helps! It took me two years to figure this one out. This error shows up when you have a dialog box where you have not left created enough #### for the actual field you are tring to populate with. I don’t know if it shows up for other reasons also! Good luck

Excellent! What a result! Thanks, Mitch.

Hi! It’s possible it helps you in the future: I collect the errormessages and possible solutions at But, it’s only in german … Maybe it helps … Ciao Jörg