Error 4 in module 42 (Dataport)

I have this error when I run Dataport to export data from 1 table. This Dataport has no code, no custom request form, just simple new Dataport. Where can be problem? Using Navision Financials 2.01 Error explanation: #Err_Fmt_InvalidStdFmt (Module_Fmt,2L)

What is the table that you are trying to export? What fields are you exporting and what datatype are they? “#Err_Fmt_InvalidStdFmt” suggests to me that a field in your export is “unusual” and the dataport can’t format it correctly.

Arthur, I once had an equally useless error message when trying to run a custom dataport. My NTR advised switching off the request form and progress bar in the dataport properties and this worked (you have to set the import & filname property also with no request form). Maybe worth a try with your current problem. Chris.