Error 33 in module 1 on server

Hello all, Our server.exe (NF 2.60) just crashed for the second time within the last 7 days with a Dr. Watson error message. The event log contains about 5 entries in a row stating that error 33 in module 1 occured in server.c The error list here in the forum describes this error as #Err_OS_LockViolation (Module_OS, 33 ). Does anybody have some more detailed information about what lock has been violated here? Thanks in advance,

Is there other applications (backup, anti-virus and such) that is accessing the disk?

Yes, there is a backup program running and we actually do suspect that this might be the reason. But our backup schedule has stayed the same for the last 1.5 years, and we never had any problems beside an occasional Dr. Watson once every couple of months. During the last three weeks, however, the error and crash rate has increased dramatically. There haven’t been any changes in hardware, software or database configuration.

We got the same error today … Anti-Virus is running on this machine. When i checked the event log i got 3 times this error: Error 33 in module 1. e:\Samos\11353\Source\Ide\server\SERVER.C(506) After that DrWatson comes up and the next entry in event log is this one: The Navision Attain Database Server BFR260BFR service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 2 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 0 milliseconds: No action. Could it be a solution to set restart on failure in service settings to prevent shutdown of nf service? Regards, Stefan

We got the same problem on our server where also antivirus software is running, we excluded the database-directory in the antivir program and since then we never had the problem again, the server program is very sensitive if the database is lock from other processes