Error 1391 In Module 19

Hello All, Got this error : 1391 in module 19, did anyone see this before, no idea what this means, can’t find it in the error list either… Can anyone help me out? It happens in Attain 3.10… Thanks for your time, Regards, Robin

I don’t know the exact meaning of the error message but it’s probably a serverproblem…We’ve just had the same problem in 3.01, and the solution was a restart of our server.

Hi, If you search the forum on module error, you will find a lot of item describing this kind of problems. But you error number is quite a little bit strange. Are you sure it’s error 1391 ? [:p]

Error 1391 in module 19 is Err_DB_DuplicateBlocknoPutToQueue. It is raised by the DBMS when an existing block number is inserted in on of its internal datastructures (the queueset of database blocks). Regards Kalman