Error 1391 in modul 19

Anybody? I can reproduce the error. I searched the partnerguide with no results. Does anybody know the error description? Thanks for your help.

Hallo Walter, i hope you are a German. Hier ein Auszug aus dem Changes.doc zu Version Navision Attain 3.10.A Hotfix 6: P1) Interner Fehler 1391 in Modul 19 Dieser Fehler konnte gelegentlich auftreten, wenn Datensätze in einem Formular geändert wurden und gleichzeitig die zugehörige Tabellendefinition im Table Designer verändert wurde. Diese zwei Aktivitäten wurden von demselben Microsoft Navision Attain Client ausgeführt. Der Fehler beendete den Server/die Database Engine. ich hoffe das hilft dir weiter. Gruß Josef Metz

Hello Josef, sorry for late replay but I could not connect to Yes I’m German, but I left that country several years ago. I should do a better search before asking questions. I only searched the net instead of the documentations comming with Navision. I found the english comment on the W1 3.60 CD as well: P7) Error 1391 in Module 19 Error This error could occur when (within the same Navision Attain program) changing records in a form (even through codeunits, dataport, reports etc.), and opening the Table Designer, redesigning a table used by the form (directly or indirectly). This error stopped the server/database engine. This has been corrected. These issues have been known for a while, and were addressed with the “SafeGuard” introduced in 3.01.B Internal Workbase reference: 02F33F4CFFD61666C1256BF0003A6FEF However, the error still exist in 3.60 Beta2 and 3.60. I tested with 3.70. Same result. I exactly WANT to do what is mentioned in the decription of the error. Anyway, now I know at least the description and: Never beleive what is written in the ‘changesxyz.doc’. Thanks for your help. Moderator, please close this topic. Kind regards Walter

Sounds like a regression in versions after 3.01B. If you run with 3.70 hotfix 12, or 3.70A, then use the Windows Error Reporting dialog to report this - Send Send Send!


Originally posted by robertc
If you run with 3.70 hotfix 12, or 3.70A, then use the Windows Error Reporting dialog to report this - Send Send Send!

I would like to do so, but the error stops the database engine (I am using a local database). The client is still running. Trying to reconnect/open the database I get the error message again. An Error reporting dialog is not comming up. However, I’m tired to report errors via Partnerguide. I reported the same errors from version 1.3 (in fact the same 2 errors in every release) which were not fixed until V3.0! Thanks for you help. Walter

What I’m saying is that these versions use Windows Error Reporting to actually display “Internal Error x in module y” error dialog, as well as complete crashes. It doesn’t matter what happens to the client after the error message - for a crash of course the client dies; for an Internal Error it is often unusable afterwards as well. But at the time of the error message there is still control in the program due to a global exception handler, so the Error Reporting mechanism can take place and send the error over the Internet to an MS server. It is nothing to do with Partner guide. Windows Error Reporting allows you to send an error report directly to Microsoft (as utilised in many other products). Basically the most hits of the same cause for an error will take priority for fixing. If you dont get a Send button in the UI, then you do not have a late enough version of 3.70, or for some reason Error Reporting has been disabled (under XP this can be done explicitly), or the message is queued because you are disconected… or … dont know.


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or the message is queued because you are disconected… or … dont know.

Understood. What I wanted to say is, I don’t get the error reporting dialog at all. The dialog is working when e.g. Excel crashes. But not with this errow. Anyway, thanks everybody for your help.