Error 1355 Module 19

Hi, while I restart a backup in a database fragmented in two disks, the server crash with this error “Internal error 1355 in module 19”. My system is running Attain 3.10 C/side. I saw the others messages about this error, but the descriptions of errors are differents that mine. Somebody knows what happen? Thanks!!!

You should contact your solution center immediately, or, if you are working for a solution center, you should call your NTR!

we are running 3.10 with 3.6 executables. - Hotfix #23 is supposed to fix this problem…it states “An internal error message “Error 1355 in Module 19” could occur in the Navision client in several scenarios including: -Performing lengthy database operations such as creating indexes -Waiting for table locks placed by other users during normal database activity THIS HAS BEEN CORRECTED” I would try to get your hands on hotfix 23… Also more info can be found at:

Thanks!!, Where I can get this hotfix #23? From my dealer or from Microsoft Business? I need it to continue with my tests, because the system crash everytime at the same point of process. However, I will call to my dealer for help, before to get damaged the real database… Thanks.