error 1355 in module 19

When I create a new database on our server and read in the backup of our “working database”, I get an error “Error 1355 in module 19”. After quitting this error serveral times the is an other message “You do not have enough stackmemory for this activity.” After this messages the Navision client crashes. This problem only happens on our server, on other systems we haven’t got problems. Any ideas?

This error has been reported if you use Windows NT 4.0 SP5. If this is the case, try ugrading to SP 6a

I installed SP 6, but still the same problem.

Does this problem happen when you restore the data to a client database? Perhaps you backup is corrupt? If not, could you just restore on a client and then copy the file to the server? If you still have problems, what version of Navision are you running?

I didn’t have the problem when I restore the data to a client database (on another PC). I restored the data on a client PC and copied the database to the server, this works. The version is DE.2.60.B.

Hi! We had the same problem/error, and the reason for this was: When restoring a database, Navision creates a file called TEMPSPACE in C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 on the client that processes the restore. The name and/or path of this file can not be specified by any parameter, it is fixed !!! This file - TEMPSPACE - is used to create a table-key temporarly before it is physically stored in the database. The file-size is the aproximate key-size. So, when restoring (building) a key, Navision creates TEMPSPACE with the calculated key-size - it allocates the Diskspace!!! If the discspace is not enough, the Error 1355 in Module 19 occurs. In our case the problem was solved, to give the C:-Partition more space … BINGO! Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Hi, thank you very much, this solved my problem. We only 700 Mb on our System drive, I increased the free space and it worked!