error 1355 in module 19

error 1355 in module 19 I am getting this error on a win 3.x machine, any solution? Please help. Thanks. --------------------------------- moved from “NF - technical Forum” Edited by - rmotzer on 2001 Apr 17 12:20:21

Version of Navision ? When does the error occur ? Can you reproduce the error ? Under Win 3.1. i would guess a function causes a stack-overflow. Did you call a recursive function ?

error 1355 in module 19 earlier i accidently mentioned win 3.x where in actuality it happens on a win98se, pII400, 64mb of ram machine. we are running on ver US2.0, Error occurs when we are printing posted invoices by customer in sales and receivables. this error occurance varies, sometimes it comes on the 1st customer, sometimes 6th customer or sometimes 10th customer and yes we can reproduce this error. Thanks.

Hi, it’s hard to say where especially this one comes from. If the error occurs on the same action on different machines, then i would first check two things: 1. Changes between your report and the standard - maybe there is a stack overflow because of a endless loop (try using the client monitor) 2. Do you use a very large cache on your server ? Reduce the cache-size (try the half) and then run the report again. Just give it a try. Maybe it works. 3. Think about upgrading to the latest version (2.60). There have been a lot of changes since. Since version 2.01 such problems have become very much fewer. 4. Have the latest servicepacks for your operations-systems.

saying two and then having four … great