Error 1355 in Module 19

My client has been plagued with this error since going live with V3.10A in June. Hotfix 7 has not made any difference and the latest “solution” from Navision is to use V3.60 Client and Server on a V3.10A database. Has anybody else been offered this “solution”.

This error is quit rare and only happened at one developer machine (AMD !) in our office . We could not find out why. However, only an update (technical update; client and server to 3.6) will help you as there is NO solution for 3.1x Regards Walter

Thank you for your reply Walter. Unfortunately for my client this error is not rare. It happens several time a day. They are a 100+ user site in 17 locations. I’m having trouble coming to terms with this new attitude of Navision regarding errors in currently supported versions. Our client is running 3.10A. It is just one version back from the latest and therefore supported. My client does not want a mixed 3.10A/3.60 system (will Navision support that?) and they are not ready at present to go through a full 3.60 upgrade. They want a fix to 3.10A. But Navision just decides that they don’t want to fix it and so they won’t. And we can all get stuffed.


Originally posted by BryanS
They want a fix to 3.10A. But Navision just decides that they don’t want to fix it and so they won’t. And we can all get stuffed.

You are right. But what can we do / shall we do? Now it is Microsoft. If you are buying a car and your aircon is not working or only a few minutes an hour you can complain and they will fix it (or even better, the airbag is only working when it is not raining). Immagine, they would say, yeah, buy the next release / model. This is holy sh*t what Navision / Microsoft is doing with the customers! Technically there is NO problem running 3.6 client and server with a 3.10 application. I know a lot of customers running a 2.6 application on 3.10 or 3.60 server and client. Ask your NTR it they would support that. BTW. Is your NTR S’pore or Australia? Regards Walter

My NTR is Australia. I get the impression that Denmark is working on the next release (called Rhodes I believe) and therefore they are only interested in that version and the current 3.60

Bryan. Your problem is addressed in version 3.60 with hotfix No. 9. There’s no problem running 3.60 on 3.10 database. There has never been any problem (as far as I can remeber) running newer C/SIDE with older databases as long as You backup and restore when You upgrade (just to be safe). Rgds //Lars

Thank you Lars. I’ll have to do it I guess.

But the a mixed 3.10 and 3.6 is not possible - i.e. the 3.10 client cannot access the 3.60 database once converted by the 3.60. This isn’t always the case - it depends on if the database layout is changed with the release of a new version of Attain. This happened with 3.60 because of the new AutoIncrement feature considerably changing the root and lock internal tables of the database.

I’m interested in finding out more about the changes to the internal lock tables in 3.60. Where did you get this information. My client has had serious locking problems from going Live in June and we have consistantly been told by Navision that we have networking problems. Why was the locking changed in 3.60? Was it to fix problems in 3.10 they won’t admit to?

The changes are internal page layout changes only, for accomadating table-level properties of the future, of which the AutoIncrement int/bigint value is one such property. They are not functional changes, and locking behaviour has not changed at all in 3.60 because of this.

Navision have advised me that there will be hotfix for V3.10A available Tuesday 17 Dec.