error 1312 in Navision Developer's Toolkit 1.02

When I try to open a database Attain 3.60, in Navision Developer’s Toolkit 1.02 , after import DevTool.fob, ‘internal error 1312 in module 19’ appears. I have installed Navision Attain 3.60 Client, Navision Developer’s Toolkit and C/FRONT in sub-directories of the same directory. Navision Client and Navision Developer’s Toolkit have the same CFRONT.dll, dbm.dll, nc_tcp.dll, nc_netb.dll and fin.stx. Navision Developer’s Toolkit has been configured with 256Mb in DBMS cache and the DB has 500Mb.

The database for the devtoolkit must be 310. You can import 360 objects in it, but the database should be 310.

I also had similar problems with this when upgrading from a 2.60 database to 3.60. What navnav has said above also solved my problem but just to say that there are some useful posts about upgrades that were made a while back so it could be worth using the search function of the page to take a look. Hope this helps. Good luck!!