Error 1204 in module 19 auf Server

HILFE !! just happened ! server down and 50 people are waiting database corrupt any hints ? Navision2.01 german

taken from spanish old (and closed) support forum, reported from Navision DK -------------------------------------------------- This error is only valid for Code fields. When a Code field is saved in the database then it is saved with an information byte. If the Code field only contains numbers (123…) then the information byte contains the length of the numbers, if there is saved 5 numbers in a field then the information byte will be 5. If alphanumerically signs are in the field then the information byte will always be 255. The error occurs when the information byte for alphanumerically fields not is 255. The error can be due to harddisk error or other programs that have changed in the database. Locate the fields with the error. A DBTEST will tell you in which table the error is. To localize in which field the error is, you must make a report with the following code for all Code fields in table with the error. 1. Make a report with the variable NEWCODE (type Code, length 132) 2. For all Code fields in table with the error, the following lines must be run. EVALUATE(NEWCODE,FORMAT(Code field)); IF NEWCODE <> Code field then (print ‘here is an error’ ) use for an example genSELECTLINES. How to correct the error. When knowing the fields with the error, then just retype the information in the fields. If there is a lot of fields then make a report that will modify the field with NEWCODE, but remember to print out what will be modified in the field, because the new contents might not be understandable. ---------------------------------------------------------- hope it could be useful

THANK YOU ! This was the information we are looking for !!! Server is now running It was Table 36