Error 1185 in Module 19

Hello. Is there anyone who has a clue on this one? We had an error in the primary key för table 37 (Sales Lines). The error message vas 1185 in module 19. No other table/key was damaged. As soon as we tried to open the table, or a form/report that has the table as SourceDataItem, all free space in the database was consumed. We also tried to make a backup with client in read-only mode with no success. We also tried testing, optimizing and rebuild of keyes with no success. The last action that the customer know was done was a conversion from Sales Quote to an Sales Order. The system is running on NT4 SP6, RAID-1 with four db-files, 13Gb db, 600Mb cache in native DBMS, 45 users (5 logged in at the crasch). We have had exactly the same problem one Year ago in this database. Then the system was running on C/SIDE version 2.60D. At that time we also was running on a different hardware. //Lars

I do not know if this helps but error 1185 in module 19 means Err_DB_BlockNotOwnedByTable. So it seems that the current data version is not consistent. With a tool like CDART probably it would be possible to recover a good version. Regards Kalman

Thank’s. But since we use Hotcopy we had a two hour old backup to go back to, so C/DART wasn’t an option. Nevertheless a loss of two hours work cost time and money, so it would be of great value if we could prevent this error from happening again. //Lars

I have seen this on NF 1.30 database. This is happen on database expansion, then CFront connection was active. Now we never expand database with active connections (stop server, open database …) and never have seen it again. Did they use language specific chars in primary key? Then making modifications to table with specific chars in primary key from PC with different local language it can couse key coruption too. I have found bug in NA 3.01: if you make backup on PC with Lithuanian keyboard settings and restore on US keyboard all created keys are demaged. It hapens on W2K OS, not tested on other OS. Looks like Navision don’t like w2k.

Non of this applies, but thanks anyway Dalius //Lars

I found that there was a fix in C/SIDE 3.01B to prevent corrupted database in some situations. Thank’s anyway. //Lars

What is CDART, and where do I get it?

What is C/DART, and where can I get a hold of a copy?

DART = DAtabase Recovery Tool And you cannot get a hold of it. It is an NTR only tool, that SOMETIMES can be used as a LAST RESORT to fix a corrupted database. Even if you could get a hold of it, you would not get it to work, as the permission does not exist in your license file. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

Just to warm it up (because a user currently has a problem with a database)

1,500 Server - Any 1
1,700 C/ODBC 1
1,750 C/OCX 1
1,800 C/FRONT 1
1,850 C/DART 1

Kindly as your NTR.