Error 1 in Module 5

Hi ! Error 1 in Module 5 I’m getting this error when “real” print a report ( not in preview ) … I’ve looked for it at error list and says: #Err_BT_AllReadyExist (Module_BT,Err_Fatal(1)) What is this ??? Which is the problem ?? Thanx in advance !

What version?? this error is described in international support DB for version 2.01A and correct for version 201b its relevant with skip of pages and specifically with instruction NEWPAGE this error produced when you create a new report 11 different of standard with this instruction or personalize the standard reports its relate to some printer drivers too Vísperas. ========= p.d.: Pardon for my english

My version IS 2.0A … Can I fix this error without changing version ?? Thanx !! Nota en español: El informe en cuestión produce el error sólo para algunos registros y, en estos casos, lo produce siempre. Nunca se produce al ejecutar la vista preliminar, sólo cuando se envía realmente a la impresora …

Sorry, I wanted to say version 2.01A

Got this form a good source [;)] 2001-12-20 Anders Kopp We have seen some reports about this error in 2.01 when printing. But as fare as I can find there is no exact answer of what it is. The reason has something to do with what is done in the report. Check the code and try to find out what commands causes it. One known reason is a NewPage in a trigger. Anders -------------------------- The reason why it works when preview could be something like this in the code: IF NOT CurrReport.PREVIEW Anders --------------------------- 2002-02-06 Anders Kopp Well, first you should remove the NEWPAGE and see if that solves the problem. Then you have two options. Ether move NEWPAGE out from the trigger, or upgrade to a newer version of Financials. ---------------------------------------------------- 2002-02-06 Anders Kopp Thanks for the additional information. It doesnt change my previous answer, it is about error 1 in module 5. ---------------------------------------------------- 2002-02-06 Anders Kopp What error number is reported? The format is usually “Internal error xx in module yy”, where xx is the error number. That gives me more information. But I can make a guess. Check the triggers in the reports, a NEWPAGE in a trigger can result in an error in 2.01. This is solved in later versions. Regards, Anders ------------------------------