Erroneous Reservation Entry Records

I am having a problem with erroneous reservation entry records of “Source Subtype” = 83 for a given 3.70 implementation which uses item tracking. After stepping through the posting routine for sales order picks (beginning with codeunit 80) I have arrived at the following question regarding the sample of code below which can be found in the RetriveItemTracking function of codeunit 6500: IF ItemJnlLine.Subcontracting THEN EXIT(RetrieveSubcontrItemTracking(ItemJnlLine,TempHandlingSpecification)); T337.SETCURRENTKEY(“Source Type”,“Source Subtype”); T337.SETRANGE(“Source Type”,DATABASE::“Item Journal Line”); T337.SETRANGE(“Source Subtype”,ItemJnlLine.“Entry Type”); T337.SETRANGE(“Source ID”,ItemJnlLine.“Journal Template Name”); T337.SETRANGE(“Source Batch Name”,ItemJnlLine.“Journal Batch Name”); T337.SETRANGE(“Source Prod. Order Line”,0); T337.SETRANGE(“Source Ref. No.”,ItemJnlLine.“Line No.”); T337.SETFILTER(“Qty. to Handle (Base)”,’<>0’); IF (SumUpItemTracking(T337,TempHandlingSpecification,FALSE,TRUE)) THEN BEGIN T337.SETRANGE(“Reservation Status”,T337.“Reservation Status”::Prospect); IF NOT T337.ISEMPTY THEN T337.DELETEALL; EXIT(TRUE); END ELSE EXIT(FALSE); Why would we want to setrange on a reservation status of prospect? Typically, the reservation entry record sould have a reservation status of reservation or possible tracking. Any insight would be appriciated.

The Prospect type is used on tracking entries, when u post throug journals (Table 83 Item Journal) with Item Tracking. Ex. When you create a negative line in a Item Journal, the system needs to know which lot no. to make the changes to. To do that the system creates a Prospect Entry to hold the information about the lot No. :wink:

Hello Pablo, we have the same problem but we do not know the conclusion at which your you have arrived. You know some way to correct this? Thanks[:D]

Has anyone been able to solve this?? I have a client that has the same issue. I’m not 100% sure, but it may be caused by something in the transfer order process but for the life of me, I cannot find out what it is. One thing that “may” work (if the client’s setup permits it) is to add a filter on global dimension 1 & 2. In our case, the “erroneous” records never have these 2 fields populated so filtering for those would cause these records to fall out of scope. that is of course a band-aid solution and will not stop these records from appearing in the first place…