ERP Questionnaire

For the purposes of my magister thesis, I have created online version of ERP Questionnaire that I am using as part of the research on relationship between ERP systems and design patterns.

If you have experience in any of ERP systems, fill in the online ERP Questionnaire with your data.

The questionnaire is absolutely anonymous and contains only 12 mandatory questions. It focuses on easiness of creating/modifying various UI (User Interface) elements and the level of support for web development, XML and Web services. Besides that, some questions are asked about the design patterns usage.

The address of questionnaire is:

Thanks to all who enter their data.

Dear NAV fans,
I need you help.

I am conducting research about ERP systems, and I have very few answers for Dynamics NAV. Sad

Can you please take ~3 minutes and enter your answers in anonymous online questionnaire that I made.

The address of questionnaire is:

Once again, thanks to all who enter their data.

Hi Bojan,

I filled in this questionnaire when you first posted it, but I do know that its hard to gt people to post in these types of surveys. The reason for that is simple. Students have been doing similar thesis based surveys for ERP for many years now. Far enough back that the study is complete, and the results are in. BUT not once ever have I gotten feedback about the survey I filled in. I keep filling them in to help out people like yourself, but I guess that as soon as the student gets the degree, they forget everything else.

I think that these surveys will only ever be valuable if people like you can give a strong level of confidence that once the survey is complete, that you will make the information public. And I don’t mean hidden in some Thesis at your university, I mean that the people submitting to the survey should be given a web address where they can check back to find out how it all went. It wont help you, but it will help the next person that submits a survey. Please speak to your university about this, and have them set up a permanent site for this.

And keep in mind that the point of the Thesis is to provide the public with information. The student getting a degree needs to be considered as secondary to that.

Hi David,
thank you very much for your effort.

I totally agree with you on publicity and goal of academic research.

I will do my best to publish results of this research as soon as I get adequate number of answers. This research is part of my magister thesis (eduational title, which is something halfway between M.Sc. and Ph. D.), and to become magister you have to publish certain amount of papers in journals, conferences and such.

I will do my best to get this research published. I am not sure if university will provide permanent site for research, but for sure and least I can do, will be posting the results on my blog, and notifying you here [:)]