ERDs and Table definitions

Does anyone know a good place to start to get ERDs and Table definition documents for Axapta 3.0? I am working on a large data import project what ever kind of suggesting will be helpful.

Hi. I hope you figured this out by now. If not, one thing you can do is click on Tools | Development Tools | Table Definitions. This report should give you all the information you need to be able to get started. Hopefully, this will also help others who may have the same question. /Michael

Hi Nathan, i too have a same query and i have gone through mctester way, it gives table definitions but what about ERD’s, did you found it. Please update it here. Thanks mctester, and thanks Nathan. with best regards vaibhav pednekar

Hi Vaibhav. I’m sorry but there is no way to automatically get an ERD from Axapta. However, you can update the cross-references and create something very similar by using the Visual MorphX Explorer. This would definitely require some work on your part; however, it works. /Michael

create sql script of the database and then create in designer 2000 or rational ERD tool. Complete ERD Will be available and then you can design your import routines easily. Anuj

Hello Kumar. By just scripting the database you aren’t getting all the relations. Therefore, you only get a small part of the picture. /Michael