Equivalent for Hyperlink

In Navision one can use HYPERLINK to open different types of documents. For instance *.doc files will be opened in Word en *.pdf files in Acrobat Reader. While printing standard documents in Navision I want to print additional documents that can be of different kind of types. These documents are not stored in the Navision database! I am looking for an equivalent of the HYPERLINK-command that I can use to print these documents. Has anyone an idea?

How about SHELL() ? Regards, edd

Most Windows applications support some sort of direct printing functionality through a command line switch. That’s how most file types are able to present a Print function in their context menu. Find out what files types need to be printed and check if they have a Print action in Control Panel, Folder Options, File Types. You can then emulate this action with the help of C/AL’s SHELL function.

Maybe I was not clear. I am familiar with the use of SHELL. Frankly speaken, I was looking for a solution like using the Microsoft Internet Explorer. One navigates to the file and clicks on Print with the right mouse button. The right application will be started automatically, the file is printed and finally the application is closed. I have looked for an automation in Navision but did not find one. Has someone any idea?

Hi I just found a method ‘FileRun’ within the shell automation. => ‘Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation’.Shell Perhaps this method can help you (not tested). bye André

Hello Andre, Runfile does not work. I want to use the print functions of Windows in Navision. As the print command in the explorer, as described above. Or when one drags a file to a printer icon, the result is that the file is automatically printed!